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Wouldn't choose the gondola shelving to set in your store?

03 Aug 2023 0 Comments

At first, I would quote 3 questions:

  1. What does the gondola shelving means?
  2. What is the plain back board refer to?
  3. What is the advantages of gondola shelving with plain back board?


Answer 1

Gondola shelving is a type of freestanding display shelving that is typically double-sided and designed to be placed in the middle of the store/supermarket aisles. It is one of the most popular shelving options in retail environments due to its versatility and ability to display a wide range of products.


Answer 2

The plain backboard is a simple, solid panel without any holes, slots, or perforations. It is designed to offer a clean and uniform appearance, making it easy to organize and arrange products on the shelves while providing a consistent backdrop for various merchandise.

Besides, it is a vertical panel that serves as the backing for the gondola shelving. It is usually made of wood and metal and is mounted on the back of the shelving unit to provide stability and support for the products displayed on the shelves.


Answer 3

Gondola shelving with a plain backboard is an efficient and attractive way for retailers to showcase their products, create a sense of organization, and encourage customer browsing and purchasing in a retail setting. It's advantages we could read as below:

Adjustable: The adjustable shelves allow for easy rearrangement and adaptation to different product sizes and shapes. This flexibility enables store owners to showcase a diverse range of merchandise, from small items like cosmetics and snacks to larger products like household goods and electronics.

Reasonable: Gondola shelving efficiently uses the available retail space, making it ideal for stores with limited room, This space-efficient layout helps to organize the store effectively and ensures that customers can explore products conveniently.

Durability: Gondola shelving with a plain backboard is constructed with sturdy materials, The robust design allows it to withstand the weight of various products and endure daily wear and tear. It is eligible for retailers in the long run.

In conclusion, gondola shelving is versatility, clean aesthetics, increased product visibility, space efficiency, and easy maintenance contribute to an optimal shopping experience for customers while enabling retailers to effectively display and promote their products.


As the gondola shelving with plain back board, we can refer to one of our clients orders’ finished product, please refer to below images:


gondola shelf with double wire hooks


gondola shelving plain back board side


gondola shelf with double wire hooks


gondola shelving plain back board side


If interest, please feel free to contact us for more details.


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