Supermarket gondola Shelving Customization Plan---New Zealand

Product Attribute: Gondola Shelving

Components: Plain Back Board, Double Wire Hooks For Hanging Bar, Hanging Bar, Transparent Price Tag Strip

Specification: 1200*1000*1970mm

Shelving Unit: Double Sided Shelving

Load Bearing Capacity: 100-120kg/layer


As for the base shelf design, there is the row of holes perforated running in the edge, which make it looks aesthetic and most impotant is for ventilation and drainage purpose.

The whole constructure give a sense of durable and steadily. The color scheme finally chose the milky white, warmly and classic appearance.

Both the hanging bar and layer boards designed, enable retailers to match display in various products range.

gondola shelving plain back board front


gondola shelving plain back board side


gondola shelf with double wire hooks


gondola shelving surface treatment


gondola shelving measurement test