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Mezzanine Floor racking-The high density storage racking in warehouse

05 Aug 2023 0 bình luận

This topic I would like to discuss the mezzanine flooring racks, as the efficiency storage racking solution, is more and more familiar by people who are puzzling the warehouse racking setting in the beginning.


mezzanine floor racking system is a storage solution that maximizes vertical space in a warehouse, Incorporate handrails and gates for a secure working environment.


Maximize Space: Create additional storage or work areas by utilizing vertical space, without expanding horizontally.

Cost-Effective: Save on construction costs compared to building or expanding a new facility.

Customization: Tailor the design to fit your unique storage needs and easily modify or relocate as required.

Versatile Use: Ideal for storage, offices, workstations, showrooms, or any functional space.

Improved Organization: Enhance efficiency and productivity with better organization and accessibility.

Safety Measures: Incorporate safety features like handrails and gates for a secure working environment.


Below is one of the mezzanine floor racking module, the layer option as client's requirement, 2 layers and flooring adopt to wooden panel, while the flooring base structure is row of steel bar to give a strong load bearing capacity.

The handrail and fence around the outer platform secure the safety of working environment. The first floor also could be made full use to place the palletised cargo. Generally, mezzanine floor racking enable corporate to realized the high warehouse utility.

Besides, the wooden panel would be the lower cost than other materials flooring plan. Unless the cargo are any heavy duty metal materials or devices, the wooden panel could suitable for most depot.

mezzanine floor racking setting in warehouse


mezzanine floor racking details look

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